Review: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry – Reviewed

A few months ago I saw a film trailer on Facebook for a film called ‘Hardcore Henry’ and it immediately grabbed my attention. For those of you that have never heard anything about it, Hardcore Henry is a film that is essentially shot from a first person POV angle, meaning it feels as if you are the main character in the film, something I personally haven’t really seen anything like before.


The film itself is about a guy called Henry (obviously) who has been brought back from the dead by his wife using futuristic technology, Henry is essentially more robot than human now, and has amazing strength and power. After the lab they are working from is attacked by the enemy, a guy called Akan, Henry and his wife are forced to abandon the lab and go back down to earth where she is later kidnapped. Henry spends the film fighting and killing with an ally named Jimmy to get back his wife. If you’ve not yet seen it, here is the trailer.

What did we think?

The way in which the film is shot is incredible, it does feel like some sort of virtual reality and you do get that feeling that you’re part of the film. I know a lot of people have completely hated the movie for this, as it does kind of take some getting used to, but personally, I thought it was fine. Some of the film is subtitled as it is based in Moscow, but a lot is also in English. As well as the fact that Henry doesn’t actually speak in the film.

The film itself is non stop action all the way through and not once did I find myself getting bored. There is an abundance of violence, guns, car / motorbike chases and some free running and parkour style chases. The stunts that are performed in the film are also brilliantly put together.

If you are a fan of films like Crank then it is very similar in terms of action, again people have been saying Crank is a far superior film and I do agree with that. I think the main reason I liked Hardcore Henry so much is because I haven’t really watched a film like that before (apart from Crank) and with all the films that have recently been released Hardcore Henry was somewhat a breath of fresh air. There are parts of the film that many will think are a little cringe worthy but I would say you should definitely watch this film, I will certainly be buying it when it comes out on Blu-Ray!

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