hardcore henry

Review: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry – Reviewed A few months ago I saw a film trailer on Facebook for a film called ‘Hardcore Henry’ and it immediately grabbed my attention. For those of you that have never heard anything about it, Hardcore Henry is a film that is essentially shot from a first person POV angle, meaning it feels as…
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Suicide Squad Final Trailers

Suicide Squad Final Trailers So its a couple of weeks now before Suicide Squad is finally released. It’s one of the most anticipated comic book films this year and plenty of people have been eagerly awaiting. The final trailer was released earlier this week and you can watch it below. It is rated PG-13 for…
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Fast 8

All We Know About Fast & Furious 8

All We Know About Fast & Furious 8 So, yesterday (June 22nd) marked 15 years since The Fast & Furious hit the screens and in that time there’s been another 6 movies! Number 8 is due for Released in April 2017, and there is scheduled to be 2 more released before 2020. There’s not been a…
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Our 5 Favourite E3 Announcements

Our 5 Favourite E3 Announcements So E3 has been and gone for another year. As always plenty of announcements were made both for games and consoles and there will be plenty of new titles coming to consoles over the next 12 months. Check out our top 5 favourite bits from the event.


Blink-182 To Release 7th Studio Album

Blink-182 To Release 7th Studio Album On July 1st, Rock / pop-punk trio Blink-182 will release their 7th studio album ‘California’. After Tom DeLonge officially left the band in 2015 hopes for a new album diminished. Blink-182 continued playing live shows after introducing Matt Skiba, formerley of Alkaline Trio to take over duties from Tom….
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